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What loans can be consolidated and for how long? Consolidation covers credit cards and loans in bank accounts, installment loans as well as cash, car and renewable loans and loans, as well as home loans

The main advantage of such a solution, which is a consolidation loan, is the reduction of the loan installment. However, reducing (significant) credit installments is possible only by extending the repayment period of liabilities that are subject to consolidation. The amount of the new loan installment is not a derivative of the lower interest rate, although it should be noted that some banks offer lower interest rates on this type of loan. Especially if we take into account mortgage consolidation loans in which the property is secured.

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A consolidation loan in which bank to choose the best one?

A consolidation loan in which bank should you choose to consolidate your debt in a most-expensive way? Before answering the question, it is worth finding out what consolidation is and what are the pros and cons of such a solution.

So, what is a payday loan consolidation and in which situations is it worth using?

The payday loan consolidation allows you to combine several payday loans into one loan, aimed at reducing the number of loan installments paid. PaydayLoanHelpers offers various debt solutions.

Why will we pay more credit costs? If we only take a short period of time into consideration, then lowering the loan installment is a desirable solution. However, reducing the installment by extending the loan period means that the sum of credit costs will be higher: a longer loan – a larger sum of interest.

Is this the only cost of a consolidation loan that we must bear? No, because there will be a commission for granting the loan and there may be a fee for early repayment of old loans (in banks where we have loans). And in the case of mortgage consolidation loans, there are also costs of property valuation, mortgage entry and notary costs.

As already indicated above, the consolidation loan allows you to convert several monthly loan installments into one installment, which is also lower and payable at one bank. Such an exchange can bring significant relief to the home budget, but it should be used rationally because in general, it is more expensive to choose.

Only a consolidation loan?

In addition, it is a solution for those who predict that in the near future they may have problems with repayment of loans and credits. If you want to reduce only the amount of interest, then the consolidation loan is not the right solution.

Is it necessary to use a consolidation loan? If such difficulties are temporary, it is worth to contact the bank (banks) and ask for a grace period or a so-called credit holidays. If it is too late for debt consolidation, please contact banks as soon as possible and negotiate new terms of loan agreements.

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